112 days… and counting…

Last night I had an intense burst of nostalgia. I don’t know what set it off, but at its core was the theme, Christmas at the Family Home. Memories being what they are – i.e. slippery little beggars – the central core was maintained, but there were also a number of offshoots and tangents of varying degrees of relatedness and specificity. Like I said, though, the central core was maintained – The Family Home… that being the house in Church Stretton shared by myself (between the ages of 11-18), my two years older brother, my parents and, for a few years, my Nana and Grandad (in, it has to be said, a rather palatial “granny flat,” which was a conversion of the spacious attic).

The intensity of such a nostalgic burst, I think – the poignancy – is heightened by the fact that I know I will never truly be able to re-create such memories. I mean, I never would have been able to anyway, really, what with people getting older and things, but the fact of my parents’ divorce a few years back (I don’t know exactly how long ago – it’s all gone a bit blurry) and that none of my family now reside at that particular house, render such a task unlikely to the point of near-as-dammit impossible.

I recently spoke about the fact that my feelings of nostalgia and yearnings to re-live my childhood have stepped up a notch or twelve since becoming aware of my pending parenthood*. However, not only have they stepped up in terms of frequency of occurrence, but they also nowadays tend to be accompanied by an additional thought… or rather a question…

How can I create happy childhood memories for my own child?

Obviously I want my child to be happy throughout all of his or her life, but I also want my son or daughter to be able to look back at their childhood and smile… to look back on their formative years fondly… and then to wish to create happy childhood memories for their own child… children… grandchildren… etc.

Am I thinking too far ahead, do you think?


* See my very first piece of this blog: Stirring Things Up.