104 days… and counting…

By way of a follow-up to my previous piece, I would just like to do a list of what hasn’t changed. To whit…


We still read books.

Children still ride bikes and do paper rounds.

Skateboards are still cool!

Coronation Street (well it’s still here).

MacDonalds (not much… unfortunately).

Salt’n’Vinegar, Cheese’n’Onion and Ready Salted crisps.

The Houses of Parliament (?).

We still need to breath, eat and attend to “personal matters.”

The electoral systems of the UK and the US.

Rucksacks, newspapers and tea bags (not greatly).

People still smoke (sadly).

Working hard is still seen as a virtue (although perhaps not quite so much).

The next Bond is still hotly anticipated.

No one understands quantum physics.

People think they understand relativity (but no one really does).

Maths is still unpopular.

Women still take The Pill and have babies.

Still no manned space-flight to other planets.

We are still fascinated by the rich and famous.

People still fall in love, get married and all that kind of gubbins.

The eternal popularity of superheroes.

Children still read comics (don’t they?).

Suits and ties (not that I’ve particularly noticed).

Old folks wear mostly beige (although I may have to double check that one).

Trains and buses are still often late (although luv’em, they’re still here!).

The sound of an ice-cream van.


Mars bars.

Heinz Tomato Soup.

The hearty loveliness of cheese on toast… and scrambled eggs… and a bacon butty.

Shopping trolleys (although perhaps they are not quite so wonky-wheeled as I remember).


The moon and the stars.

The incomparable pleasure of breaking sticks.


Anything else?