99 days… and counting…

“…sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast…”
(The White Queen, Alice Through the Looking Glass)

Children don’t believe in something because it makes sense. They don’t believe in something because they have done a scientific analysis of the facts and deduced that it is likely to be true. They believe in something because they believe in it. They believe in something because they want to believe in it… because no one has given them a good enough reason why it isn’t true. Which seems fair enough to me. Is there really any difference between believing in God and believing in fairies? Or Father Christmas? Or magic?

Children have a pretty good idea about faith. Priests and vicars and rabbis and so on spend their whole lives trying to explain to grown-ups what it means to have it and what to do if you lose it… but why not just ask a child?

Scientific implausibility is no barrier to a child’s view on the world. Even if there is the remotest chance that something is true… then why not believe it is true? Who’s to tell you that you are definitely, incontrovertibly wrong?

With a child on the way, maybe I should start thinking more like one…

So with that in mind…

What can I believe today?