64 days… and counting…

All of the above have particular yet indefinable aromas. All of the above were recalled today when our post/maintenance man (and general Doer of Stuff) applied a bit of WD40 to the office shredder, in an ailing attempt to stave off its inevitable demise… “bits of wood” was more of a secondary association… and all of these things (sheds, bikes, bits of wood, WD40 (but not usually office shredders)) are generally associated with grandad-ness. That is, grandads of my time… grandads of twenty years ago and more… which does, of course, include my grandad, in the days of my youth.

Other grandad-y things are woodworking, strong tea and whistling – incessant tuneless whistling directly outside my bedroom window, which happened to look directly out onto the conservatory/workshop/dog-run… many a homework session was disrupted by many infuriating tuneless minutes of the Grandad Whistle! Dear of him…


I speak of grandads “of old”… of the aforementioned two or more decades ago… but have all grandads been the same going back to the dawn of time, and will it always be so into the infinite reaches of the future? Perhaps, in some respects, they have and it will. Only once “bikes” were “flint axes,” and in the future “bits of wood” will be “stabilised portions of reformed spacetime substrate”… or something.

The Tuneless Grandad Whistle, however, will live forever! 🙂