23 days… and counting…

Whilst walking to work this morning, I saw a poster which had a child’s drawing depicting the fact that we should put chewing gum in the bin… and I got to thinking about childhood values… what values we instil in them… how mouldable they are… and… to what extent should we mould our children? And to what extent even can we mould our children? From whence do the values of our children arise, and to what extent is it the responsibility of adults (teachers, parents, etc) to enable our children to find their own values, as opposed to encouraging, forcibly or otherwise, the adoption of particular values?

Our children can teach us about values… if so, where is it that these values come from? Do children have an innate sense of Good and Evil, right and wrong, and so on and so forth?

What values will my child have?
What values should I teach him/her?

The above was brought to you by another of “those moments”…

The world is already starting to become “parent-coloured”… 🙂