8 days… and counting…

On the notion of reliving one’s childhood… I keep thinking like I’m actually going to be a child again… which is, of course, not the case! Or then again… is it? In a generalised, conceptual sort of definition… has age got anything to do with “childhood”?

My mind is taking me on journeys which I have to consciously pull myself back from, along the lines of looking forward to actually being in the Christmas school play again… actually spending hours on end watching cartoons again… actually whiling away long afternoons playing with Play Doh again… but actually… thinking about it… why couldn’t I, a mid-thirties adult, throw myself, with boundless child-like enthusiasm, into the latter two? And for that matter, the first one isn’t necessarily totally outside the bounds of possibility!

The thing with being an adult is that self-consciousness plays a pretty big part in one’s decision-making processes – how one decides to have fun and so forth. But… does it have to? Is it possible for a 35/6/7/8-year old man to ditch self-consciousness in favour of child-like abandon? I shall report back on my ability to achieve this worthy goal over the coming years! 🙂