T-Day plus 6


Baby girl…

Expanding our world.

Perfection in a soft cheek,

The curve of your spine as you lie on my chest,

Skin so silky smooth at the back of your neck that it is barely there.

You are our daughter…

Our little perfect beautiful baby daughter.

It sounds so unreal!

And yet…

Your reality is a blast, a thump, an explosion of love.

Your reality completes…

Our home,

Our lives.

The love of us

Is the love of you.

Gorgeous little bundle…

Little wriggling, farting, burping, hiccuping, smiling, crying, oh so achingly adorable little bundle.

You entered our lives with such drama, emotion, intensity.

You entered our lives, baby girl, as you always intended.

And now here you are.

Here you are.

Here you are.