T-Day plus 15


The past three-and-a-half weeks…

No Man’s Land,

A trial,

Intensity of emotions:

Weeping lows,

Soaring highs.

Blinding darkness,

Blinding light.


A culmination:


Awash on a sea of…

Overwhelming joy, unreality, nappies, sleeplessness, burping, hiccuping, farting, getting our heads around the concept of PARENTHOOD, so tired, such love, the smell of her, the feel of her, the utter incredible presence of her.

And then,

With a jolt,

Back to work…

The office, the computers, the tea/coffee, how’s mum?, how’s the baby?, here’s what you’ve missed, 400 emails, in tray, out tray, knackered!, so unreal, so real, everything’s the same – and yet…

Nothing – nothing – is the same.