3 months, 4 weeks & 1 day into Daddyhood

See also “Landmarks”

I must start writing these down!

Okay here goes… (presuming a give-or-take-a-day-or-two factor re the dates)…

16 Oct 08: First Squeal!
Mixed feelings over this one! I’m always delighted whenever Talise utters a new sound – seems to find a new syllable, etc – but when she started “Finding Her Squeal”… my God, my eardrums! Over the following couple of weeks she seemed to experiment with how high she could get, until I started to fear the neighbourhood dogs would come scrabbling at our door… thankfully now The Squeal has taken its relatively less prominent place amongst other delightful sounds. 😉

9 Nov 08: The Growls Begin! – and Food is Introduced
Are these two things connected? Hmm, I’ve not considered such before… but probably not… although you never know! Anyway… Talise apparently starting the growling one day while I was out at work, and when I first heard such an utterance that evening… I had to hear it again to believe it was her! And I am talking about a deep, guttural, animal-like growl, which was such a contrast to the squeal, and not the sort of sound you would expect from a sweet little baby girl! Again, it is now starting to take its place amidst the general delightful babble of babysounds… 🙂

Re the food… we have started trying her with baby rice, baby cereal and little jars of stuff – last night it was Sweet Potato Bake! Not proper feeds, just kind of wafting a tiny little spoonful of the stuff over her lips to see what she thinks… at which she seems to just stop… stare… poke her tongue out a bit… get gunky slop smeared around her chops… and then smack her lips for about half an hour afterwards! Still, she doesn’t seem to hate it… 😉

13 Nov 08: First Laugh!
Yesterday evening, Jo was “chatting” with The Gorgeous One in the normal manner – consisting of about 50% proper words and 50% an array of selected syllables – and upon the repetition of a particular new syllable (apologies, I fail to recall which – I’ll see if Jo remembers later)… she laughed! Talise, that is. At which Jo delightedly called me in from the kitchen, uttered said syllables again… and Talise laughed again! I mean a proper little baby-like giggle! It fair brought a lump to my throat – moreso as it wasn’t the fluent, full-blown laugh of an experienced laughing expert, but I’d say it was more of a “practise laugh” – a little stilted, a little like she was slightly surprising herself at this interesting new sound that was emerging from her gob… but definitely, for all that, a proper little laugh! 🙂

* * * * *

Ahh, the wonders of parenthood… 🙂 … I always (of course!) imagined that I would take pleasure in all the little changes that our daughter would undergo, but I could never have foreseen the extent of the wonder, the joy, the humour, that she would induce in us! What a surprising, fascinating, enchanting journey this is… 🙂 🙂 🙂