4 months & 4 days into Daddyhood

My I first of all draw your attention to the interesting/funny blog of an expectant father which has recently started on the Raisingkids website?

“From Here to Paternity”

In the latest post, the resident blogger, Mr Colin Brush, speaks of his and his partner Becky’s “complicated and protracted negotiations over baby names,” and I have made a comment relating to such on the related forum…


I would like, however, to expand herewith upon the issue of the arbitrariness of names. To whit…

Apparently, in France, there is an official list of names which parents-to-be must choose from, by law, when deciding on the appellation of their little one. It would seem, however, that here in the UK (and, I suspect, in the States), there are literally no restrictions on what one can name one’s child. If anyone can provide any evidence contrary to the above, or indeed by way of backing up what I have herewith declared as apparent fact, I would be most interested to hear/read it! If, however, it turns out that my presumption is (at least mostly) correct… what an odd thing it is!

We could, in theory, have children running around with such names as…


…and so on and so forth, etc etc, ad infinitum. And indeed we do hear of some, let us say, eccentric names flying about the place – usually applied to the progeny of so-called “celebrities.” But even with respect of the generally more conventional names which most everyday folk choose for their offspring… what an oddly arbitrary process it is!

We decide to have a baby (or it just “happens”).
We get our heads around the fact that we’re having a baby.
We spend hours poring over books, websites, etc, trying to select a name for our baby.
We give up for a while, sure that we’ll never settle on a name that we both agree on.
We return to the books and websites.
A week (or a day, or an hour) before the birth, we finally agree on something – usually the name we first thought of.
The baby is born.
We look at our new baby and say, “Hello, X!”
We wonder if our baby suits the name we chose for him/her.
We continue to wonder, until we finally bite the proverbial bullet and get our child’s name registered.
We still continue to wonder…
When we first see our child’s name on a “Congratulations on your new baby!” card or an official form of some sort or the electronic sign at the doctor’s… etc etc etc… it feels so bl’m’n weird that we chose that name!

…and so on and so forth, etc etc, ad infinitum.

And then there’s the worry that, when our child becomes aware of their name, starts telling people their name, etc, they won’t actually like their name…

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