5 months & 5 days into Daddyhood

As I was about to take my Talise out for her morning “constitution,” I counted the money in my wallet and arrived at a sum of £8.88. That in itself made me go “Ooh.” Then, partway along the route of our sojourn, I spotted a car on a forecourt with the registration: 888 JMB… Further “Ooh”-age ensued! JMB being the initials of J.M. Barrie, creator of Peter Pan – being a fictional personage I have thought about of late, specifically in relation to the concept of “never growing up.” So… 888… “never growing up”… and there’s also 888.com, an online gambling site… gambling being an adult form of “playing”… playing being the thing we need to do in order to fulfill the dream of “never growing up”! 🙂

Or something…