5 months, 3 weeks & 2 days into Daddyhood

Last night, I did what may be deemed to be Something a Bit Silly… that being that I stayed up until 10.30pm! Yes I know, non-parents amongst you may be thinking, Erm… yeah… and? – but let me tell you that being the father of a nearly-6-month-old daughter, who is presently suffering not only with teething and weaning-induced constipation and wind, but also, of the last couple of days, from another bout of cold/flu, as are myself and Jo, so consequently Talise is waking in between her normal feeding times, or at least did last night, coughing and hence wanting an additional feed to quench her thirst or just for comfort, myself and Jo are also a tad ropey and coughy and hence not sleeping too well in between feeds, so going to bed an hour or more past our normal bedtime is of some significance. I say “our” – Jo and Talise went to bed at 8.15pm (sensibly), but I said I wasn’t ready to go to bed yet, so stayed up to watch the film, Speed Racer, after an hour or so of which, I was ready to go to bed, but I reckoned that Talise and Jo would be in a deep snooze by then, so opted not to disturb them and watch the rest of the film, which took me to 10.30pm, upon which (at 10 mins to go before the end of the film), Jo came into the living room and asked me when I was coming to bed – on account of the fact that she hadn’t slept much yet, due to the noisiness of the neighbours and worrying, as it got past 9.30/10.00, that I had slept in front of the fire. So Jo hadn’t really benefited, in the end, from going to bed early, nor from me-staying-up-late-so-as-not-to-disturb-them, then Talise wanted feeding at 10.45pm, again an hour later, thankfully then went about 3 hours, then another 2, after which (from 5.00am), I couldn’t get back to sleep, thus confounding my hopes of getting in up to another hour’s sleep up to my waking up time of 6.15am, so I eventually gave up and got up at 5.45am, after having strung together perhaps 5 hours of broken sleep (as per Jo’s prediction at 10.30pm), watched the rest of the film, played a bit of Final Fantasy XXII, then went to work… and immediately set about guzzling mugs of strong caffeinated beverages.

Still, twas a good film! 🙂
(see my other blog for a review of such)