6 months & 4 days into Daddyhood

Those of you who have been following my other blog will have noticed that I have recently started writing a few words on the daily “pithy proverbs” (or something) of my Collins Colplan desk calendar. I wish herewith to pluck forth the words of Friday 16 Jan 09, which are as follows…

There are substitutes for almost everything except work and sleep.

Oh how true! Well, I say “how true”… I don’t quite get the “there is no substitute for work”…??

But no matter.

There is no doubting the second part of the adage that “there is no substitute for sleep”…!!

Unless, of course, one is a Sim, in which case one can continually and eternally (if one chooses) top up one’s Sleep Bar and thus never (in theory) have to actually sleep, but if you a real person

There is (indeed!) no substitute for sleep!

One is made so-o-o aware of this when one is the parent of a beautiful and adorable six month old baby girl, who is nevertheless, at times, head-squeezingly frustrating (I do, of course, mean squeezing my own head)! Or rather, I suppose, to be fair to the little darling, it is not she who is, per se, frustrating, but rather her actions and the consequences thereof. I feel for her… I so-o-o feel for her!… re the pain of teething, whatever is going on within her delicate little digestive system, etc, coincident with weaning, but when like the other night, she seems to decide that sleep is an underrated concept and then I have to get up at 0615h and do 7-8 hours at the office… the only way I can accurately express my feelings regarding such is…

Gaaaaggghhhhh!!! 😐 😐 😐

But I was so proud of my little angel when she made the first tentative steps towards feeding herself with a spoon… 🙂 🙂 🙂