8 months, 4 weeks & 2 days into Daddyhood

They’re coming thick and fast! Landmarks, that is…

Last night The Gorgeous One slept through! By which I mean to say that our Tally-Wally slept between 1915h and 0615h without once waking for a feed! She did have a bit of a snuffle and a grumble at about 0100h, but she then settled herself back to bobo’s and didn’t say, “Excuse me, booby time!” until more than an hour after I got up!

The observant amongst you will realise that this means I got up before 0515h. This is true. I did, in fact, get up at 0505h – and even then, only after I had been lying there for over half an hour, waiting for Talise and/or a reasonable time of the morning to declare their presence. On a “normal” morning, my alarm is set for 0600h, although my body tends to naturally wake me and hence I arise at about 0540h – no doubt realising that for myself and also, in all likelihood, The Gorgeous One to be woken by an alarm would not be a preferable state of affairs. This is pretty early, considering I don’t have to be at work until 0800h/0830h, but it does mean I generally get a bit of quiet morning me-time before Tally-Wally awakes and the house becomes, shall we say, somewhat enlivened. And considering we’re generally in bed by 9pm these days, it does still mean I get a decent amount of sleep. This morning, though… I was ready to “get going” at 0430h! After an unbroken 7.5 hours sleep! Well pretty much unbroken – I did at least get to remain in bed in a half-awake state when TGO woke us, then went back to sleep, at 1-ish!

Now all we have to do is remember exactly what kind of day she had yesterday, in order to precisely emulate such… 😐