9 months, 1 week & 4 days into Daddyhood

My daughter and I have rediscovered In the Night Garden! Which is to say that I used to watch it with her whilst getting her ready for bed, but then “we” went off it (i.e. I realised that I was probably enjoying it more than her, and being quite a long programme for little’uns (half an hour), I didn’t want to be accused (by my other half or whoever) of forcing her to watch it)… and we stopped watching it for a while. That was a few months ago. Now, at nearly nine-and-a-half months old, Talise seems to “get” it more! 🙂

I discovered this on Sunday evening. Twas on the same day that, in the morning, we all went to a carboot sale, I spotted a set of small In the Night Garden books, didn’t buy ‘em, because I only wanted the Makka Pakka one, and the man wouldn’t split the set – even when he reduced the price of the set from £1 to 50p (I still have some niggling regrets about this decision)… but when I left the carboot, a seed had been sown, and at five-to-six that evening, when I was changing her and wanting to keep her quiet and, more pertinently, still (the necessity for “stillness” being something fellow parents of nine-month-olds will understand in this context), I thought, let’s just see what’s on the box, so I did, and wouldn’t you know it? In the Night Garden was about to start! So it did… and I did the changing of the nappy… but I thought, after an appropriate amount of cleaning was achieved, that it would be nice for her to just lie there for a bit, all bare-skinned, in the warmth of the fire, and watch a bit of telly… and how she loved it! 🙂

She giggled at Upsy Daisy! 🙂

She babbled to the Tombliboo’s! 🙂

She got excited when it seemed that, finally, the Pontipines would catch the Ninky Nonk! 🙂


And when it was all over, she rolled over and gave me that look of… what shall we do next, dad?

I am sure that clever little girl of mine understands far more than she is letting on…

🙂 🙂 🙂