11 months, 1 week & 1 day into Daddyhood

Far from finding children’s TV the necessary evil/tolerable annoyance that, pre-parenthood, I thought it might be… I am (dare I say it) enjoying it! 🙂

Take, for example, In the Night Garden (which I believe I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog)… what’s not to like? It’s funny, positive, has nice music, rhymes/song you can learn and recite/sing with/to your little ones, it’s in a beautiful natural setting, and it’s great for keeping aforementioned little ones calm and still whilst changing them, dressing them, etc.

Similarly re Teletubbies, The Tweenies, Charlie and Lola and my/Talise’s new discovery, Waybuloo – which features yoga, spiritual (ish) themes, lovely tinkly music and more natural settings! 🙂

She’s not that fond of Pingu, though… 😐