11 months, 3 weeks & 6 days into Daddyhood

My LO (Little One, in Internet Forum Speak) is of an age where she has become fascinated, enthralled, intrigued and besotted by television. This is, in one sense, useful, specifically in relation to her utter beguilement in the face of In the Night Garden, which causes all other actions to cease (or pretty much so), so I can more easily change her, get her dressed, trim her fingernails, etc. The Night Garden Factor is, in fact, so significant in our present family lives, that we have just ordered the box set for her imminent birthday, to prevent Mummy and Daddy (if not necessarily the Little One herself) from being driven irretrievably insane by the viewing (semi-conscious though it is, changing/dressing/nail-trimming still necessitating a substantial degree of concentration) of the same five episodes, over and over again.


Both Mummy and Daddy believe in limiting the availability and use of television, in the life of our LO. This is on account of it being a (largely) passive and uncreative medium of entertainment (and, in perhaps a more limited sense, education). We both believe in the value of books, and we both want to encourage activities and the use of resources which, apart from being simply fun (which is, of course, important!), spark her creativity and her imagination. TV can do these things – but it is far too easy for TV to become a “pacifier” – which, as explained above, has its uses, but we don’t want to fall into the trap of going too far down this path.


Where to strike the balance?

How much TV is too much TV?

And what sort of TV should we encourage/discourage our LO (now and in years to come) to watch?

And furthermore…

What (if anything) is the value of PlayStation?

Parenthood is full of questions! 😐