1 year & 5 days into Daddyhood

On the evening of my daughter’s first birthday, when all the celebrations were over and The Gorgeous One was in bed, I scanned the living room in which I sat, took in all the cards, her new toys and so on, and came over “all strange”…

One year into dadhood!

When does a “baby” become a “child”? Well, in a sense, perhaps never, but when we sat her on her new Smart Trike earlier in the day, as a smile burst forth onto her chops, I felt a surge of pride for my little girl. My gorgeous, almost-talking, almost-walking, so-full-of-wonderful-potential little (but not so little) girl, who has – cliché though it is, but no less true for that – become the centre of my world.

This proper little person who is my daughter

Who I have learnt so much from already, and look forward to learning so much more.

I look forward to taking her out on her trike!

I look forward to helping her build her Ninky Nonk wooden train (okay, building it myself, with her “supervision”), then having her pull it along!

I look forward to all the stories I am going to read to/with her, to watching every episode of the In the Night Garden DVD box-set with her, to wrestling with her, running around the garden with her (or watching her run around the garden), to the unsurpassed joy at every new word she learns, to my brother (her uncle and Godfather and a drummer) teaching her her first few “techniques” on the drum he has bought her… and so on and so forth… until she turns eighteen and I take her out for her first pint/glass of wine/shot of whiskey (or (more likely) first official pint/glass of wine/shot of whiskey)!

The motto on my desktop calendar for the day of my daughter’s first birthday was…

Take time to play. It is the secret to perpetual youth.

How appropriate!

And what greater lesson can a child teach us, than how to play?

Happy birthday, my beautiful, wondrous, joy-inducing Talise!

🙂 🙂 🙂