1 year, 3 months, 4 weeks & 2 days into Daddyhood

I have just “resumed normal service” on my other blog (The Art of Tea)… but what more poignant way of observing the passage of time, during my blog-break of the last nearly-four months, than by recording the changes that have occurred in the life of my nearly-sixteen-month-old daughter? She is…

> Now virtually running.

> Saying a lot of new words: favourites are… “More!” (while pointing at what she wants “More!” of), “Nose!” (while scrunching up her nose and stabbing hers or that of the nearest grownup), “Hiya!” (either randomly, when you say “Hiya!” to her, while poking her head round the door, when the phone rings or when she picks up something (glasses case, TV remote, slipper, etc) and holds it to her ear) – also “Ear!,” “Car!,” “Ang-on!,” “All-gone!,” “Go-go-go!” and many, many more.

> Becoming a right little groover (*).

> Becoming an expert sorter, builder and stacker.

> Becoming a bit of a nightmare to convince of the merits of sitting and eating a meal.

> Now on the lowest height setting of her cot… after having recently employed the Pivot Method of flinging herself out of said cot.

> Now saying “Brum-brum!” while playing with cars.

> A climber extraordinaire!

And last but not least…

> More beautiful than ever!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

* * *

* She has moves to rival Michael Flatley, Mettallica, Girls Aloud, Upsy Daisy and the Piplings from Waybuloo… eclectic!