1 year, 4 months, 2 weeks & 4 days into Daddyhood

In September I was made redundant. In fact in mid-August, I was in a “potential redundancy” situation, so I have been off work since then. And since then, I have been taking my Little One to playgroup once a week, Music, Rhythm & Rhyme each Monday morning at the local library, sundry other activities, as well as generally spending a lot more time with my “little Weeble” (as a Facebook friend of mine recently called her). Anyone else who has been through a redundancy will know of the whole bundle of worries that comes with it; but God, am I grateful for the extra time it has meant I have been able to spend with my little Twinklefish! And her mum, of course.

I may have to return to an office at some point. Or we (my Twinklefish’s mother and I) may be able to figure out a better working arrangement, involving spending more quality time together as a family. I very much hope we can do the latter. In fact… I am determined we will!

The aforementioned Facebook friend – who I shall call Ruby – said I should cherish every moment with my little girl. I have, of course, always known this, but when one is given a gift of time from the Universe, this message becomes all the more poignant. I don’t know what’s in the future, but again and again, my number one priority is being confirmed: health and happiness for my family. I don’t say me and my family, because if my family is happy (and healthy), then so will I be. And I don’t think I am being too presumptuous in saying that my family will be happier if they get to spend more time with Daddy! The point being that this is now my focus. This is the one thing, above all else, to aim for.

Good. Glad that’s sorted. Now then… how to practically achieve this?