1 year, 4 months, 3 weeks & 2 days into Daddyhood

I think I may watch too much CBeebies.

I nearly always have a song from one programme or another going round in my head. I know the names of all of the presenters (Sid, Andy, Alex and Cerrie). I know the CBeebies Happy Birthday song. I know that…

  • Show Me, Show Me is presented by Chris Jarvis and Pui Fan Lee, and the toys in said programme are Mo Mo Bot, Miss Mouse, Teddington and Stuffy.
  • The personalities of each of The Tweenies are as follows…
    • Bella is beautiful or at least thinks she is because she is a bit (as they say) up herself.
    • Fizz is sweet, girly and silly.
    • Milo is the naughty one.
    • Jake is dippy and has a bit of a speech impediment.
  • Big Cook Ben and Little Cook Small have got the cleanest kitchen of all, because they wash, wipe, scrub and clean, making their kitchen sparkle and gleam.
  • If you ask Nina about something to do with your sense of taste, then Baby Bud is the Neuron who can help!
  • Tommy Zoom isn’t looking for trouble, but there’s trouble to be found – generally being in the form of Polluto and his sidekick Smogg, who are usually plotting to plunge the planet into gloom, leaving it down to the aforementioned Zoom and Daniel the Hound to sniff said villain out and save the proverbial world (and such things).
  • dirtgirlworld is just flippin’ weird.

And my specialist subject on Mastermind could be In the Night Garden.

Is there a support group I could join?