1 year, 5 months & 1 day into Daddyhood

For non-parents, non-children and the like, Lauren Child is the creator of a rather fine slice of children’s televisual entertainment known as Charlie and Lola. The reason for the title of this piece is a snippet of dialogue I had the pleasure of witnessing t’other day on a particular episode of Charlie and Lola. To whit…

CHARLIE : That’s a nice picture of a [something – sorry, I can’t remember what], Lola. Why don’t you stick it on the fridge?
LOLA : Okay, Charlie! [Looks at fridge, which is too full of Lola’s other pictures to fit another one on] Mum! We need another fridge!

Well I thought it was funny!

Which is why I now have on my Books to Read list Lauren Child’s Clarice Bean books.

You calling me a big kid?