1 year, 6 months & 1 week into Daddyhood

I worry about stuff, I won’t go into details, because I believe, to some extent, that describing things, visualising them, may give them the energy to make them happen. On the flip side of that coin…

Positive Visualisation!

I don’t speak much, blogwise, about my esoteric beliefs. They are, however, there; and in fact, their visibility (or lack of) on my blogs is probably roughly equivalent to their “visibility” in my life. But they are there. But these days, I don’t speak of them much; they are not much in the forefront of my existence. I want them to be moreso. Starting with…

Positive Visualisation!

Which I have mentioned.

And it’s something I want to put more energy into.

As I have also mentioned, I worry about stuff. But when I stop thinking, when I feel, when I “vibe,” I am infused with the sense that everything will work out just fine. But the thing of it is, that everything will work out just fine if I believe that everything will work out just fine. A bit of a circular argument, admittedly (like “A will be B if A will be B”), but still, the upshot is that I should engage in more…

Positive Visualisation!

Imagine, imagine, imagine – as Chris and Pui from Cbeebies’ Show Me, Show Me are wont to sing – what I want my life to be… and by extension the lives of those close to me – in particular my partner, Jo, and my daughter, Talise. Make a list (ahh, the beauty of a list!) of aspects which I want to be part of my existence. And what better time than now to make that list! So… (in true present-tense PV-speak)…

* * *

Two days later…

… and I haven’t yet made the list. It’s hard! I’ve thought about it. But I haven’t yet put pen to paper. The problem is, knowing how high to set my sights. I mean, thinking about what I absolutely, ideally, perfectly would like my life to be, it would involve something along the lines of not having to work at all, being in perfect health and having absolutely no financial concerns. Which would be nice, but in terms of PV-ing (Positively Visualising), how can I believe in the possibility of this PU (Personal Utopia)? I suppose maybe if I could believe in it, then I might be able to give it the energy to make it happen… but… what I feel is needed is some sort of happy medium between likelihood and ideal. Let’s put that in capitals and bold type…


And with that in mind, let’s have another go at the list…

1. I go out to work no more than 32 hours a week.
2. I travel no more than 30 minutes each way to work.
3. I am happy and satisfied with my work, which is, mainly, in teaching or some variant thereof.
4. I earn extra money from writing – which I have the option to do as and when I want.
5. I am happy with the amount of time I spend with my family – including my beautiful daughter, Talise.
6. My partner, Jo, is happy with the status/progress of her photography career.
7. We have no substantial financial worries – such that we are putting aside some savings, can afford holidays when needed, do not need to be too scrimpy about Christmas and birthday presents, and can afford to occasionally treat ourselves to luxury items (food, clothes, gifts to ourselves), going on days/nights out, etc.
8. My beautiful daughter, Talise, is happy, healthy, well-fed, mentally stimulated and beautifully clothed.

I think that about covers it!