1 year, 6 months & 1 week into Daddyhood

[ As is suggested by the title, the draft of this piece was written on the final page of my current Writing Journal, whose works commenced on 16 Aug 06 ]

. . . . .

22 Jan 10

I thought this page might be arbitrary. But no! Yesterday was a significant day. Yesterday I had a Back to Work interview at the Job Centre, in which I officially declared: I am no longer looking for a job in accounts! Furthermore, I declared: I am looking for a job in teaching! Or specifically, as a “Teaching Assistant unqualified.”

A significant day indeed!

So inasmuch as I have already commenced my plan-to-get-into-teaching, today is the first full day in which said plan becomes accepted in the eyes of The System.


… and furthermore …

– RAH !!