1 year, 6 months & 1 week into Daddyhood

… that my previous piece seemed to have nothing whatsoever to do with my being a dad and such things… and so you may be wondering what it is doing in The Progenitor, as opposed to my other blog, The Art of Tea. Well…

Following my latest Art of Tea piece, I have come to the realisation that even when I am not specifically talking about or referring to my dad-ness, after eighteen months of being a dad, my dad-ness is very much and intrinsically part of me. An enormous part of me. I mean, in that I am indeed things other than “a dad,” there’s no getting away from the major-ness of my dad status. If you see what I mean. And so, in relation to my bloggery, I have decided (for now, at least), that anything diary-like, relating to me, my life and such things (involving, as it does, my relationship with my daughter, other members of my family, etc – as well as other stuff) should now go in The Progenitor.

Unrelated philosophical ramblings and such will continue to go in The Art of Tea.

So there you are.