1 year, 8 months, 2 weeks & 3 days into Daddyhood

1. Up a wooded path.
2. A dark corner of an attic.
3. A hitherto unexplored street.
4. An interesting-looking box.
5. Under a rock.
6. A cupboard under the stairs.
7. An abandoned house.
8. A hole in the ground.
9. Grandad’s shed.
10. A cave.
11. Under a bridge.
12. A new storybook.
13. Underwater.
14. Outer space.
15. A secret garden.
16. The tip of a blade of grass.
17. An outflow pipe.
18. Inside a tree.
19. The middle of a field.
20. The mind.
21. Inside a flower.
22. A sewer.
23. A cellar.
24. Beyond the unclimbable wall.
25. A puddle.
26. A crack in the pavement.
27. A cloud.
28. A locked room.
29. Inside a shoe.
30. Under a giant’s tongue (or inside a giant’s nostril, or between a giant’s toes).
31. The dark side of the moon.
32. Inside the Sun (or Jupiter, Pluto, the moon or an asteroid).
33. A rooftop – particularly of a skyscraper.
34. A car’s glove compartment.
35. A matchbox.
36. A chocolate factory.
37. An elevator shaft.
38. Inside a hosepipe.
39. Your bedroom when you are asleep.
40. Between the dancing flames.
41. Beneath the glowing embers.
42. Under the ice.
43. The canopy of an enormous tree.
44. In or under a bush.
45. A mouse hole.
46. A rabbit warren.
47. A ring of toadstools.
48. A bolt of lightning.
49. A shaft of sunlight.
50. A building site (at night).
51. Under a roller coaster.
52. The roots of an old oak tree.
53. A pile of bricks.
54. Behind a picture.
55. A car exhaust.
56. Inside a hollow twig.
57. Insider a guitar (or piano or trumpet or drum or clarinet).
58. Beyond the “Do Not Enter” sign.
59. Where X marks the spot.
60. A ship wreck.
61. An abandoned factory (or warehouse or church or farm or bus or railway carriage).
62. Inside an empty sweet wrapper.
63. A rubbish tip.
64. Between the railway tracks.
65. Under Spaghetti Junction.
66. In a subway tunnel.
67. At the bottom of a teacup.
68. In a tea bag.
69. In the folds of a towel.
70. Behind or inside a TV.
71. At the bottom of a cereal packet.
72. Inside a mobile phone.
73. In an old sock.