1 year, 8 months, 2 weeks & 3 days into Daddyhood

I’m sometimes a bit resentful of noise – which is probably a bit silly, as I live in a noisy world. But when I’m walking beside a busy road with my sleeping or attempting-to-sleep little girl in her pushchair, and roaring-rumbling juggernauts and what-have-you are speeding by, a spray of dirty water in their wake, I can’t help but permit the entrance into my brain of such thoughts as, “How are such decibelic monsters allowed to have such a permeating, infusive presence in our environment?” And then I might start internally ranting about how it’s all down to the terminally unchecked rampage of the Capitalist-Industrial-Thatcherite Monster throughout all aspects of modern existence, and how Anything Goes if it’s in the name of Chasing That Pound and the worshipping of The Holy God of Commerce.

And then I’ll come down off my Marxist-Slowist-Bucolic-Medieval-Idealist high horse and realise that Talise has gone to sleep anyway, and in fact likes nothing better than to nod off whilst passing a bunch of roadworks.