1 year, 8 months, 3 weeks & 3 days into Daddyhood

Eeh, the things you find yourself doing as a parent.

Specifically, last night, Talise wanted to take these two pairs of plastics scissors from her Play Doh set into the bath with her. OK, I thought, what’s the harm? Little knowing that she would then develop a bit of an obsession with said pretend cutting tools, repeatedly and proudly saying “Scissors!” (not an easy word for a toddler), laughing as she opened and closed them, then insisting that Daddy keep hold of one of the two pairs. I let her have her fun for a few minutes, like you do, then thought, OK, time to get this bathing process under way – but could I convince her to calmly let her beloved scissors go, while I gave her a bit of a rinse and a swill? No, I could not! Hmm, thought I, time to think clever…

Time, indeed, to think sneaky! (as per Jo Wiltshire’s wonderful Sneaky Parenting)

So think sneaky I did…

“Time,” I said, as I carefully and lovingly placed the two pairs of plastic scissors side-by-side on the window ledge, “for the scissors to go to bed.”

“Oh,” said Talise, as she stood there in the bath, clasping her little hands before her little belly and looking at me with her big sad-but-accepting eyes. After which, as I washed her hair and the rest of her, she intermittently looked longingly up at the scissors, occasionally pointing thereto, at which I confirmed their state of slumber by saying things like…

“The scissors have gone night-night.”

They’re asleep.”

“The scissors have gone to bed.”

…which pretty much did the trick.

Eeh, the things you find yourself doing as a parent!