1 Year, 10 Months & 5 days into Daddyhood

Since a “Bit of a Bad Night,” we’ve given Talise some antibiotics for the ear infection which, it seems, was preventing her from sleeping properly. And she consequently had a few decent nights’ sleep – hurrah! The last couple of mornings, however, have been 4.15am starts – not so hurrah… 😦

It is at these times that it is hard to feel positive and get things in perspective (tiredness having the tendency to affect everything else in one’s life)… but it is at these times that it is essential to do so!

So here goes…


1. I get to watch Countdown at 5.10am!
2. I get to ease gently and slowly into the day!
3. Even if I have to be somewhere at, say, 9am (as I do today), I still have plenty of time to “get ready” and spend some time with my daughter before doing so!
4. I get to have two breakfasts before “starting the day”!
5. I get to wake up with the dawn chorus and (if I remember to look outside) to see the sunrise!
6. I get to be the first of my UK friends to log onto Facebook!
7. I get to go through my emails and do some general don’t-have-to-concentrate-on-it-too-much work-type stuff, so that I can “relax” more during the day!
8. I get to say to the missus, “Sorry, I’m too tired to mow the lawn today”…!

Anyone think of anything else?