1 Year, 10 Months, 2 Weeks & 3 days into Daddyhood

Well to be frank, they didn’t even in my day, nor did they in my parents’ day, so why do I allow my little girl to live under the misapprehension that saying, “Choo-choo!” is an appropriate response to witnessing the passing of a locomotive that is so far removed from steam trains of old, as to be the equivalent of her saying, “Clip-clop neigh!” whenever she sees a car? Well…

Obviously it’s a nostalgia thing. Although nostalgia is a funny thing, in that I don’t think I am alone in my frequent yearnings for times which existed before I was born. Simpler times, more peaceful times, when steam trains choo-choo’d through the countryside and swarming legions of gas-guzzling cars existed only in a dystopian future, imagined perhaps by H.G. Wells or his ilk. In encouraging my child to say “Choo-choo!” I am vicariously reliving my own childhood, though in this sense, in less of a direct experiential way and more through passing on my own childhood nostalgic fantasies. All very psychoanalytical. But I suppose what it comes down to is that I would like my little girl to have the same nostalgic (or should I say pre-nostalgic?) yearnings that I do.

Of course she’ll probably turn round to me one day and say, “The future’s where it’s at, Dad!”

But hey ho.