2 Years & 1 Month into Daddyhood

The sea sparkles. It looks like a Greek sea. My little girl, in her pink party dress, and her Mummy walk back from their beachward stroll. I smile. The taste of clotted cream and jam and fresh scones lingers on my taste buds, from our recent beachside “cream tea.” I take a couple of pics on my mobile phone, not expecting to capture the true essence of the moment, but at least to create a trigger for a lasting memory. We only remain for about half an hour, but I hope the image will always linger in my mind of my two favourite ladies returning from their beachward stroll on the afternoon of Friday the 13th of August 2010 in Porthleven, Cornwall. I hope my life with my child, with my family, will be a sequence of beautiful lingering moments… 🙂