2 Years & 3 Months into Daddyhood

Inspired by this…

A Season for Letting Go

… I decided not to just post this pic to Facebook, but also to say a few words about its poignancy and context.

I took this photo on my phone during my lunch break, after my daily chat with Jo. While talking, I was noticing the beautiful leaves at my feet. I particularly liked the red and gold. I was going to just take the pic, share it with my Facebook friends, and that would be that. The sharing of beauty is, of course, a noble enough aspiration, but upon reading the above-linked blog entry, a deeper poignancy was realised, particularly in relation to the context of this photo/these leaves.

Flandrumhill’s blog entry is about the symbolic significance of “letting go” during nature’s “letting go” of leaves and so on in autumn. My red and gold leaves were found near the special school where I work… and I have come to realise that, in working in education, particularly special education, “letting go” of assumptions and prior expectations is, and will probably continue to be, a regular occurrence. The children I work with have been diagnosed and labeled, with ASD, SEBD and other acronyms, but they are far, far more than the sum of their diagnoses. They are, like the leaves, beautiful, enormously varied, individuals.

I did, of course, already know this, but thank you Flandrumhill and the autumn leaves for the reminder!