2 Years, 6 Months, 2 Weeks & 3 Days into Daddyhood

While in the bath this evening, a sequence of random-ish thoughts led me to reflect on the concept of Living in the Now. I recalled that had written a piece for my other blog on this topic, which was around the time that I last coherently thought about it…


As you can see, this piece was written quite a long time ago! Specifically, pre-Talise… pre-parenthood.

As parenthood arrives, a whole new set of priorities and thought patterns enters one’s life. Being a parent is, by its nature, forward-looking (what school should I send my child to? When will they hit this particular developmental stage? – etc)… but being a child is, as mentioned in the above-linked piece, by its nature, Nowish.

I have, perhaps, forgotten, or at least not seriously thought about, living in the now, since becoming a parent… or perhaps, at least while doing parent-type-things with Talise, I have been so “in the now” that I just don’t think about?

Either way, I think it merits further reflection. My feeling (as per my blog piece of 15-Jan-08) is that I still don’t live in the absolute, this-very-minute present as much as I could and should and ought to. And while I am living with a beautiful young girl who’s entire existence is present-centric, if only to get into her head more, I should definitely work on being more Now-ish.


Working on it… from now!