2 Years, 9 Months, 1 Week & 5 Days into Daddyhood

I have, of late, become rather adept at spontaneous improvisation of bedtime songs. Thankfully The Beautiful One does not test me too frequently on this; but occasionally, when I ask her what song she wants to help settle her to sleep, she will throw something new into the mix. Latest…

“What song would you like?”
“Teddy song.”
“I’m afraid I don’t know a teddy song.”
“You do!” – then sings: “Teddy, teddy, teddy…”
“Well okay…”

A deep internal intake of breath… cranking up creative gears… and bearing in mind it is 3:40am, when something (a rumbly tum, requiring satiation by way of a cheese sandwich, apparently) woke her at 2:30, so my challenge now is to get her back to sleep, so I can get 1-2 more hours before I have to get up again and ready for work…

So here goes…

Teddy bear
Teddy bear
Go to sleep
Teddy bear
Close your eyes
Teddy bear
Cuddling to sleep

And thankfully, after a few repetitions, some slight variations and just 20 minutes, she is asleep.

“Teddy Song” is a success!

Another one to add to my repertoire.

The question now is, will “Teddy Song” knock “Doctor Song” off the top spot? And will “Witch Song” (aka “I Know a Witch”) fade into obscurity? Or will “Teddy Song” prove to be a one hit wonder, to be rapidly usurped by something completely new? “Peppa Pig Song,” perhaps… or “Dog Song”… or – God forbid – “Poo Song”!

Ahh the fickleness of youth…

* * *


Doctor Song

I’m a doctor, I’m a doctor
If you’re ill, I’ll make you well
Come and see me
I’ll write a prescription
For a pill to make you well
Got a box, got a box
With some medicine
And a stethoscope
I’ll listen to your chest
And I’ll say that you’re the best

* * *


Witch Song
(aka I Know a Witch)

I know a witch
A very nice witch
She knows lots of spells
To make you well
She has a lot of pets
Including lots of cats
Especially the ones called
Chloe and Pat