2 Years, 9 Months, 3 Week & 5 Days into Daddyhood

“Oink!” – Peppa Pig

1. It is a perfect little universe.

2. Problems arise and are resolved in 5 minutes.

3. The most fun in the world is jumping up and down in muddy puddles.

4. Most episodes end with everyone falling on the floor in gales of laughter.

5. Everything is always where it should be and easily get-to-able – e.g. Mrs Rabbit’s ice creams.

6. Smooth lines, simple colours, simple shapes.

7. Everyone who works in Daddy Pig’s office has a lovely little job which they enjoy.

8. Although Daddy Pig has a big tummy, frequently loses his glasses, often falls out of trees and eats too much cake, he takes all comments relating to such with good cheer and laughter.

9. The parents of Peppa Pig and her friends were all at school together and are also all good friends.

10. The stories are about simple, universal concepts – friendship, happiness, acceptance – so are never sickeningly meaningful or politically correct or “global.”

11. The children are children and the grown-ups are grown-ups – except when they are children!

12. Great music, great songs – you can’t beat The Bing Bong Song!

13. My little girl is the biggest fan ever! 🙂