3 Years, 3 Week & 6 Days into Daddyhood

Peppa Pig

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

Anyone who is familiar with the above two most excellent and ingenious TV programmes should know that the latter is created by the creators of the former. The latter is also of a higher level of sophistication than the former (which is not to denigrate the brilliance of the former, but simply to suggest the lower presumed age of its target audience). This is evidenced by the longer running times of episodes of the latter, and the generally more sophisticated storylines and characterisation. I would like also to mention a subtle point of style/design which is further evidence of the above. To whit…

The turning of the head.

No I am not being deliberately cryptic – well perhaps a little. I have simply noticed that, regarding the animation of such (head turning, that is), more frames are used with the characters of Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom than with Peppa Pig. By extension, characters in Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom have a greater number of viewpoints than those in Peppa Pig. Watch closely of said programmes and you will see! To break it down in a sort-of-scientific way…

The people in Peppa Pig can only face left or right. They therefore have only two gross viewpoints. When turning from left to right or right to left, there seems to exist a further central viewpoint, but as this only ever occurs for intermediary milliseconds, one cannot be sure if this is indeed only a single intermediary point. As it is merely an intermediary viewpoint, however, it can, for the purposes of this disposition, be disregarded. Further fine viewpoints are illustrated by movements of the pupils.

The people in Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom have four gross viewpoints. They can face Completely Left, A Little Bit Left, A Little Bit Right and Completely Right. There don’t appear to be further intermediary viewpoints – the four gross viewpoints are used for head-turning. The people in Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom also use movements of the pupils to signify further fine viewpoints.

Fig 1 : the two gross viewpoints of Peppa Pig :




Fig 2 : the four gross viewpoints of Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom :

Completely Left

A Little Bit Left

A Little Bit Right

Completely Right

There does also appear to be a Completely Forward Facing viewpoint of Ben and Holly characters, as evidenced by this Nanny Plum pic…

"... whatever ..."

I’m not sure, at this point, if such a viewpoint exists on TV or just in pics. I’ll report back when further evidence is forthcoming…