3 Years, 1 Month, 2 Weeks & 5 Days into Daddyhood

I don’t know how long she’s been in there, but it’s been over an hour. Pouring water from one vessel into another. Splashing. Naked as a naked thing, dappled sunlight reflecting off her skin. I will admit, I proffered some resistance when Mummy suggested I get out the paddling pool, feeling barely-keep-my-eyes-open tired, not much relishing the prospect of filling, carrying and emptying numerous bowlfuls of water, and then, you know, all that wetness. But Mummy, you were right again! What joy to witness my little girl enjoying such simple pleasures, on this lovely Indian summer day, as I sit with my feet up, reading King’s Song of Susannah – and of course taking a pic or two and writing this blog entry on my phone. I feel a little sad at the fact that, the modern world being what it is, I can’t share a pic or two with this blog entry, but I have such stored in my own private treasury. Speaking of… treasure… such is what I will do to the memory of this precious moment on this last day of the summer hols of 2011 … 🙂