3 Years, 1 Month, 2 Weeks & 6 Days into Daddyhood

It’s the stories!

We used to primarily watch programmes on CBeebies, but since we discovered Peppa Pig, then Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, then gave the other programmes on Milkshake a go, it has been found/deduced/discovered that Milkshake programmes seem to have a proportionally higher story content than those on CBeebies.

CBeebies seems too intent on “teaching stuff”! – how to be a good citizen, how to look after your planet, etc. This stuff is, of course, important, but can, at times, feel a bit rammed down your throat. And while it is being “rammed down your throat,” the more subtle (and perhaps therefore more insidious (in a good way!)) educational value of stories (more pure stories) can be lost/forgotten/neglected.

Milkshake programmes we like:

Peppa Pig
Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom
Igam Ogam
The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill
The Mr. Men Show
Little Princess

… although CBeebies does, of course have Charlie and Lola!