3 Years, 3 Months, 2 Week & 6 Days into Daddyhood

Almost forgot… I need to document a milestone event. Last night I tentatively tried a new self-settling method. For those unfamiliar with parenty lingo, we, the parents of Talise, have thought recently that we need to start teaching her how to settle herself to sleep at night. Not so long ago, we tried a cold turkey-ish method, whereby we put her to bed, read a story and said, “Night-night,” then didn’t let her out of her room until she had gone to sleep. The results were unsatisfactory and in retrospect, the method seemed a little harsh. So…

Upon consultation with the Bounty forums, a gentler, more gradual method was decided upon. The method was begun last night. Whereby…

She had a nice bath with new bath toys.

While she got pyjamas on and cleaned her teeth, we talked about trying Big Girl’s Night-Night and how the Doctor wanted Mummy and Daddy help her to do Big Girl’s Night-Night.

She got into bed and I read her a story (Little Miss Somersault, if you must know).

By this point, she was pretty tired, but not yet about to fall asleep.

I said, “I’m just going to go and do something. Can you lie there and relax, like a big girl? Try to go to sleep, and I’ll be back in a minute to sing you a song.”

I went off and talked (quietly) to Mummy for 2 mins.

I returned and she looked asleep. I kissed her head and said, “Night-night,” then she opened her eyes. I said, “I’m just going to go and do something… etc” again, then went off…

And talked to Mummy (quietly) again for 2 mins.

I returned and sang two lines of Twinkle Twinkle (as previously promised – I wouldn’t want her to think I’m one to rescind on my promises), said, “I’m just going to go and do something… etc” again, went and talked (quietly) to Mummy for 2 mins again, then returned…

And she was asleep!

Result! 🙂