3 Years, 3 Months, 3 Weeks & 6 Days into Daddyhood

The night of 10/11-Nov-11…

Has she ever slept so long? Maybe once or twice. But this is virtually unprecedented! Here’s the thing…

Asleep 1730h.

Up at 0330h after nightmare (“Mummy put my crisps on the floor!”) – after story + song, tried and failed to leave her to self-settle.

Sat with her, reading my book, until she dropped off at 0430h.

I went back to bed, difficult to resume sleep, but then did (I know this, because I dreamed)… and woke/got up at 0630 h.

Talise still in bed!

Made and took up Mummy’s toast and water.

Talise still in bed!

Had my breakfast, checked emails etc, did my knee exercises, went up at 0720h.

Talise still in bed!

Cleaned teeth, checked on Talise (still fast asleep), went and made her some hot milk, brought this up with with a choc biscuit.

Talise still asleep!

– but roused (0730h), with some gentle encouragement from Daddy, who praised her immensely for being such a good girl and let her have her hot milk and choc biscuit in bed (being very careful to catch crumbs), then helped her to get dressed, went downstairs with her, put the telly on, gave her a sweetie (as she had kindly let Daddy have half the choc biscuit) and asked her to play nicely and watch telly downstairs until Mummy got up, then left for work at 0750h, just in time to catch the 0756h train…





13 hours sleep!


Further Blimeyage!