3 Years, 6 Months, 2 Weeks & 3 Days into Daddyhood

The Mother of Talise likes to eat her Bourbon biscuits in a special way. This involves the removal of one of the crunchy layers, the nibbling of the creamy centre, followed by the partial consumption of the remaining broken sections.

This morning, as a treat for sleeping over twelve hours, Talise was offered and joyfully accepted a Bourbon biscuit for her breakfast. Said confectionary items were placed before Mother and Daughter on individual Denby plates at the dining table. Daughter witnessed Mother’s biscuitary ritual and paused. She made queries pertaining to such. Mother described and explained her purpose, and thus Daughter made attempts at her own crunchy removal. It was hard. Parental suggestions were made for her to eat her Bourbon in the normal way… but she was not to be convinced.

Daughter wanted to be like Mother. She wanted to dress like Mother, to speak like Mother… and to eat like Mother. She requested assistance in the removal of said crunchy layer…

“Because you’re a bit stronger.”

Mother acquiesced.

Crunchy layer was removed.

The squishy inner bit was consumed – although not, of course, in the accomplished manner of Mother; such things come with years of practice and commitment to the pursuit of perfection.

“And then,” said Mother, “you get bits with chocolate on, bits without… and it’s exciting!”

Daughter smiled.

Father witnessed.

A moment was captured forever in the memories of those present.

A confectionary tableaux.

A rite of crunchy passage.