3 Years, 8 Months & 4 Days into Daddyhood

First it’s amazement. A baby! A real live baby!

Then she smiles. She laughs.

She looks funny in her clothes. She learns to play, to walk…

…to talk!

Language is an adventure. Each new word is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Rearranging words is unlocking puzzles.

Not I like to clean but I like cleaning things with cloths.

Puzzles unlocked are keys to new experiences, to greater understanding of Mummy, Daddy, the World, herself.

I like my body and myself.


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
You’re my special Mummy
And I love you.

Stabs at melody, but rhythm she gets… more or less.

She dances!

She leaps, she waves her arms…

She casts spells with Tree Fu Tom!

I can’t wait for the tunes.

I can’t wait to help her learn more and more about the world.

I can’t wait for her to teach me.

Correction… to teach me more. She has already taught me more than I thought I would ever learn… 🙂