3 Years, 9 Months & 1 Day into Daddyhood

Following my last but one entry, I just want to say that, despite it not being the best of Easter hols, God do I appreciate the fact that I work in a school and actually get these regular breaks. Yes, I am not likely to ever be a millionaire on a teaching assistant’s wage (I am saying “not likely to,” rather than “never,” because you never know what good fortune fate might deliver – y’hear me, fate? Not tempting you!)… but I don’t work 9-5 in an office, and whatever the level of pantness that may occur in a week or two weeks or six weeks off, there is always another week or two weeks or six weeks off just around the corner. And despite the largely car-trouble/ridiculous-weather-based pantness of the just-concluded Easter break, I am immensely grateful to have spent some lovely times with my family – even if not the extended family that had partially been planned, and even if said “lovely times” involved not so much of the lounging in a sunny garden while my daughter bounced on her trampoline (and things), nor going on day trips or whatever, but rather pretty much daily trips to the local park and/or library, playing dinosaurs and ponies and what-have-you with my little girl, having hers and our friends round, snuggling up on the sofa watching an array of new Disney DVDs, and so on. Yes, lovely times… I’m already missing spending half an hour to walk half a mile to the park, as we stopped every few metres to pick dandelions or daisies to decorate her scooter… 🙂