3 Years, 9 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days into Daddyhood

City of Friends is a happy little children’s programme about the emergency services. I am not normally one to whinge about children’s programmes – well, not in a written form, not more than the odd comment on Facebook. I happen to believe that, despite some generally tolerable annoyances, they are usually harmless, often educational-to-a-degree, slices of child-distracting entertainment. City of Friends has, however, somewhat got my proverbial goat.

Now I’m not about to get all activist and say my little girl can no longer watch it. It fills a valuable fifteen minutes of early morning Daddy Time; and I believe that Talise is intelligent enough and her parents conscientious and involved enough, that its corrupting influence will have little or no bearing upon her emerging morality as a citizen of the modern world. I do, however, fear for the messages this superficially joyous little animation is putting out to the children of our nation – and perhaps beyond!

To whit…

It is okay for a police helicopter to be used to retrieve a child’s balloon.

An ambulance can and should be called for a grazed knee.

Frequent police/fire service/ambulance time wasters (for example Jumpi the Hare) can be metaphorically patted on the head, told not to worry and urged to just ‘not do it again.’

… and so on.

These people save lives!

Would it be so terrible to remind our children of this?