3 Years, 9 Months, 3 Weeks & 6 Days into Daddyhood

A new chapter has begun. Specifically chapter one of Tinker Bell Takes Charge by Eleanor Fremont.

We have hitherto read books, at bedtime, which could be completed in one sitting, but I considered that it was time to take the next step. I was nervous. I was afraid she would insist, on pain of tantrum, on completion – of all 10 chapters, all 100 pages – thus, wakefulness permitting, extending bedtime by a couple of hours (generally speaking, come 6pm or so, she is so knackered, that we would be unlikely to have got past two or three chapters before she was taken unawares by snoozery, but she can be such a determined little missy at times, that I wouldn’t have put it past her to prove me wrong on this occasion). Despite a couple of minor protests, however, she took pretty well to the concept. And now we are looking forward to discovering, along with Tink and her friend, what enormous object has come crashing through the tree.

She just has to start reading ’em herself and I will consider that baton well and truly passed!