3 Years, 10 Months & 1 Week into Daddyhood

An Imperial Stormtrooper (Not a Nazi Stormtrooper)

“Do you know what a soldier is?”
“They march.”
“Yes, they march!”

The above conversational snippet arose when I was attempting to explain what a stormtrooper was… and subsequently a jedi knight, the Force and Star Wars in general.

The stormtrooper question arose by way of Talise’s friend from kindergarten, a boy, who was, that day, ‘Star Person,’ and who therefore, as is kindergarten tradition, dressed up – in his case, as an Imperial stormtrooper. I met Talise, and stormtrooper-boy and her other friends and Mummy, at the park, and thus at bedtime, the stormtroopery question arose.

“Er… Um…” started I – then it occurred to me that stormtroopers were soldiers. And so I asked Talise if she knew what a soldier was. And thus I arrive at the crux of this piece…

I asked her. I expected her to have knowledge of things that I didn’t know she had knowledge of. Knowledge that she had acquired from her friends, her teachers at kindergarten, etc. This process has, of course, been proceeding for some time – but it has not really struck me in a premonitory way before – that is to say that her knowledge of things that I don’t know she has knowledge of will increase, to the point where she knows more that I don’t know she knows than that I know she knows. If you know what I mean. When will the tipping point occur? When will more than 50% of her knowledge consist of things that I don’t know she knows? Has the point already tipped? I would be interested to see what the psychologists say about this…

So back to Star Wars

(“Can we talk some more about Star Wars?” she asked, when the subject matter had veered into some other territory – that’s my girl!)

Thankfully I wasn’t called upon to explain who the stormtroopers worked for, the nature of the Empire and the Rebel Alliance, or why anyone would want to go around blowing up planets. Hopefully she will see the film (Episode IV, that is) and figure it out for herself soon enough. I do, however, think that my definition of jedi knights as being “knights who do magic” was rather good!