4 Years, 1 Month, 3 Weeks & 5 Days into Daddyhood

It has just occurred to me that the vast array of videogames that fall into the broad category of “platform” tap into an innate childhood compulsion to travel along loosely defined “paths” and jump over stuff. Now any reasonably knowledgable gamer will tell you that, since videogame genres are blurring to an increasing degree, to call any particular game a “platform” game is becoming an increasingly tenuous assertion. I refer, however, to any game which includes some degree of traveling over or between “platforms” (or “paths”) and jumping over stuff – which, particularly fifteen years and more ago, would certainly include the likes of the Super Marios.

My daughter is a born platform gamer. She has, however, thus far never played a platform game – or a game which includes platforming aspects. As a responsible parent, I am of course wary of not encouraging too much of this potentially corrupting and addictive form of entertainment known as “videogaming,” although I have allowed a few forays into Wii and DS and a little bit of PS2. Such forays have, however, involved very little by way of travelling on paths and jumping between them, largely due to the dexterity involved in such tasks – although speaking of dexterity, I will hereby declare my pride at her ability to fly a paper aeroplane with a reasonable degree of success on EA Games’ Playground! But that’s by the by. My point is that, although she doesn’t play platform (or platformy) games in the virtual world, she certainly expresses a desire to do platformy stuff in the real world.

On an innocuous walk to the Hagley shops with Daddy… at every opportunity, she finds “lines” to walk along (and vociferously encourages Daddy to do same) and “shapes” to jump over (ditto the above)…

It’s Super Talise World!