4 Years, 4 Months, 2 Weeks & 5 Days into Daddyhood

When one is awake from 4.15 it is brought more clearly into focus that the Internet is full of crap.

I can’t really blame her at the moment, she does have a cough, and when it wakes her up it’s easier to stay awake than to go back to sleep – especially when she’s had almost but not quite enough sleep. It does, however, make the mornings rather long…

I have to do something! While she sits on t’other sofa watching telly, drinking hot milk and eating the various semi-random-ish items that comprise her breakfast. I have to do something that maintains sufficient grasp of my attention to not make it painful to stay awake. Computer-stuff tends to work. But once I’ve checked emails (rarely much of interest), made my daily input to Facebook, maybe made a contribution or two to my blogs… what’s left?

I don’t really “surf” anymore. It’s so hard to find a decent swell, it’s hardly worth waxing the board.

Pardon the slightly contrived metaphor, but when did the Information Superhighway become such a mountainous midden of mush?!

I suppose it’s always been this way… and I suppose my attention is only really drawn to the fact on those 4.15 starts…

Time to plum the depths of Sporcle!