4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Weeks & 2 Days into Daddyhood

As The Beautiful One moves on from CBeebies… I’m feeling a little sad! They could be flipping annoying at times, but I’m gonna miss the old gang…

Programmes I won’t miss…

Baby Jake
Me Too

– to name but three.

I am coming to realise, however, how much farting and fighting there is in post-CBeebies children’s TV. Check out the likes of Chowder, Adventure Time and Horrid Henry, and you will get the farty-fighty picture (she is well into Horrid Henry at the moment). Also… outright weirdness! (although I like weirdness; she can have that (The Amazing World of Gumball has some appeal))

Her favourite on the Boomerang channel, at the moment, seems to be Garfield. This has some level of sophistication. There is hope for us yet.