4 Years, 11 Months & 2 Days into Daddyhood

Not possible.

But I desire it.

There is shouting, crying, screams and upset.

That’s parenthood.

I yearn for it to be otherwise… but it is what it is.

The cuddles are wonderful.

The giggles are beautiful.

The impromptu pictures and ‘cards’, with flowers, smiley people, suns and birds, and “Talise loves Daddy so much,” melt the heart.

Seeing her happy is the best thing.

Seeing her happy whilst being able to chill out, drink coffee and read a book, is a bonus.

Which is why I agreed to spend a couple of hours at a softplay centre for Father’s Day (as a nearly-5-years-experienced parent, the squeals of playing children become a tolerant white noise one can chill out and drink coffee and read a book to).

‘Serenity’ is redefined.

Blissful serenity 80% of the day is pretty good.

Happy Father’s Day to me… 🙂